From 1900 till 1990!!

Recently i visitted Italy on the quest for information, i became stund that it’s verry hard to find out more from the collection that i’m collecting.

The beautifull party about this collection is, that there are No 2 of a kind and that makes this a verry special and unique craftmanship.

At this point i reach out to you all for helping me a hand with information or otherwise pieces that are in your possetion. I’m always interested and i want to  give these lovely ladies the credit that they disserve.

These handmade ceramic artefacts are one of a kind and they keep me reminded that the true artist(s) diserve the glory of there work!

 I’m just a collector who feld in love with these wonderfull pieces of art.

 What i discoverd in San Marino libary was a few artist’s who worked in San Marino from 1900 till  1990. Almost every ceramic artist over there made one or more pieces. The big question is “WHO ? Witch dates ?” and are they still alive?

If anyone has seen these ceramic ladies before or if you have them laying at home, please let me know, because for me it is more than just a collection

I thank you all, and keep me posted.

 greetz, sven

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