San Marino

During my visit in Italy I travelled towards the republic of San Marino.

San Marino is still a monumental place to visit and a memorable mark of ancient times. The garden tower reaches high above the hill where San Marino was build on. It’s a unique village with all the well known marks of a fortress.

The big defending wall’s mark the heavy battles this village was in. The outstanding town gate gives you an entrance the same if you where a king. The architecture within the town wall’s takes you back several hundred year’s. Dozen of small streets give you a travel back in time, for me the momentum towards my quest.

My goal, the San Marino library. For any collector a must within these wall’s !

After a few conversations with the head librarian we became a lot of useful information. We had the opportunity to examine an amount of library books in search for answers. With a lot of help from the librarians we found what we where looking for. Some artists who made these wonderful artefacts.

Marmaca : made ceramics from 1940 – 1964 (signature: marmaca r.s. marino)

Titano: made ceramics from 1952 – 1981 (signature: ceramica titano rep San marino)

Arcas: made ceramics from 1954 – 1981/82 (signature: hugo r.s.m)

SAM: made ceramics from 1955 – 1989 (signature: SAM rep.s.marino)

Sacas: made ceramics from 1954 – 1960 (signature: s.p.a. ceramiche S.A.C.A.S. rep.s.marino)

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